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TuberTale ( Also known as YoutubeTale ( What a well known name ) or Undertube ) is a AU where youtubers replace the monsters in Undertale.


In this AU, there is many changes, the au changes like always, since every youtuber is not in the same position, instead, they are always shuffled. There might be people that might own the AU, but we dont know which is the original.

Let start with listing the characters we commonly see in google.

Jacksepticeye can be either Flowey, Sans, or Papyrus. ( Commonly Sans probably because of the septic eye. )

Markiplier can be either Mettaton or Papyrus. ( Commonly Mettaton, since his FAB. )

Pewdiepie can be either Mettaton or Papyrus. ( Commonly Papyrus. )

CinnamonToastKen is Asgore.

Cry is Napstablook.

DanTDM is Toriel

Now how about the official Tubertale? ( Well, not too official since there is still fanarts of Jacksepticeye as Sans, and only two additional characters. )

Vanossgaming is Undyne.

Daithi De Nogla is Sans.

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