Truetale is a switch up AU. Mettaton and Papyrus are human in this AU.


  •  Mettaton is The Protagonist.
  • Napstablook/Socky is The Empty One. They use 'Friendliness Tears' instead of pellets.
  • Flowey is The Caretaker.
  • Asgore is The Judge.
  • Toriel is The Ambitious.
  • Asriel is The Captain Of Royal Guard.
  • Alphys is The Recluse.
  • Frisk is The Royal Scientist.
  • Undyne is The Celebrity.
  • Chara is The Monarch.
  • Sans is The Soulless Angel.
  • Papyrus is The Fallen.
  • Annoying Dog is The Forgotten Scientist.
  • Amalgamates are The Witnesses.
  • Gaster is The Accidental God and is known as 'Annoying Gaster'.
  • Gaster's Followers are The Abominations and known as 'Frisk's Secret'.


Ruins > Snowdin > Waterfall > Hotland > Ruins

The Annoying CORE


Real Knife is replaced by Real Bone

The Locket is replaced by Red Scarf  

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