True! ChaosTale- Your chances at escaping are beyond 0

(Genocide Ending) True!Chaos Sans is a moderator character because, at the end of the genocide run he decides not to fight Frisk in the Judgement hall, so he waits for Asgore to begin the fight with Frisk before going in and killing Asgore only so he can absorb the human souls. He suceeds and with his newfound godly power he tortures Frisk and destroys their option buttons, leaving them defenseless. He kills Them and like the others he absorbs Frisk's soul but instead of leaving the souls conciousness alive he kills them too. At the had leftwas the culmination of all 7 human souls and his body changes from being cracked to dark grey and black. (He now has full control of the timeline and very high love from Frisks soul. Sans then breaks a hole into the Multiverse and Enters. (Note He doesn't know about other AU's but he figures it out after entering the portal)

Story is on Wattpad True ChaosTale by Peyton Swaney

Art on Deviant Art- ChaosSans

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