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Triton is the combined form of the 6 full demons of the Sins of 12. He is used in the siege or 6-tale.


Standard form

In his standard form, Triton is a hulking demon. His body style looks rather normal except for his torso being only slightly larger than a normal body's torso. He wears Orion's chestplate, Terracus' and Boravus' shoulder armor, Beowulf's wings, and Hades' cape. Attached to his back are bony appendages similar to those of Blasphus, except the blades are much larger and straighter, and the bones are black. On his right hand are Terracus' tentacles that form a hand. His entire body seems to be covered in armor, like Orion. On his head/face, he wears a ram skull mask with four eyes (as he has four red eyes). Behind the mask, he has visible mandibles with many sharp teeth.

"Crustacean" form

This form is the same as his standard form except for its major body style change. Triton's body style now resembles that of a praying mantis, and he has 6 sharp, armored legs. His hands are a bit more lobster claw-like too.

Dragon form

In this form, Triton is a dragon with a total of 14 individual heads, 5 of which slightly resemble Blasphus, Terracus, Beowulf, Boravus, and Hades. One is armored, signifying Orion. Surprisingly, in this form, he still maintains powerful wings, strong enough to pick him up into the air.


Triton never really reveals his personality mainly because he can't speak, only roar or make noises. It would be safe to assume, however, that he greatly despises humanity and monsterkind.

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