Frisk the Human'
~CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR PLOT~ An AU where characters swap in trios.


Dreemurr Triangle- King Asriel, Asgore, Princess Toriel

Past Triangle- Dr. A. Gaster, W.D. Gaster( Fought in War), Gerson

Present Triangle- Alphys, RG 01 and 02, Undyne

Shop Triangle- bPANts, Catty and Bratty TM, Temmie

Magic Triangle- Papyrus, riverperson, SANS

Pro/An Triangle- Frisk the Human, Chara (9) , Flowey (1)

Shop Triangle V.2- TBA

Fame Triangle- TBA

Character Changes


  • Takes place of Flowey
  • First character Chara meets
  • Devices Chara using "Determination Drops"


  • Takes place of Frisk
  • The eighth fallen human
  • The "Player"


  • Takes place of Chara
  • The first fallen human (Yes, in this AU Flowey is a human)

Dr. A. Gaster

  • Takes place of Dr. W.D. Gaster
  • The Fallen Scientist
  • Was Royal Scientist before RG 01 and 02

W.D. Gaster

  • Takes place of Gerson
  • Fought in the War
  • Now owns a shop in Waterfall


  • Takes place of A. Gaster
  • Past Royal Guard
  • Was Head of Royal Guard before Alphys


  • Takes place of Undyne
  • Head of the Royal Guard
  • Crush on Undyne

RG 01 and 02

  • Takes place of Alphys
  • Royal Scientists


  • Takes place of RG 01 and 02
  • Royal Guard
  • Crush on Alphys


  • Takes place of Temmie
  • Sells Burger Shards (Which are really just trash scraps)
  • Speaks in chopped English

Catty and Bratty TM

  • Take place of Burger Pants
  • Work at
  • Sell


  • Takes place of Catty and Bratty
  • Works outside of
  • Sells


  • Takes place of the River Person
  • Transportation
  • Shares little pieces of advice that the "flowers" tell him


  • Takes place of Sans
  • Has multiple jobs in the Underground
  • Encourages SANS to continue capturing humans
  • Younger sister of SANS and Papyrus


  • Takes place of Papyrus
  • Wanted to be part of the Royal Guard
  • His sister never lets him give up

King Asriel

  • Takes place of Asgore
  • King of the Underground
  • Abandoned by his brother, Asgore
  • Past parent of Toriel and Flowey


  • Takes place of Toriel
  • Past King of the Underground
  • Abandoned his brother, Asriel
  • Past parent of Toriel and Flowey

Princess Toriel

  • Takes place of Asriel
  • Past Princess of the Underground
  • Died trying to grant Flowey's wish

Story Changes

  • Frisk hid from Asgore because they didn't want him worried about them.
  • Asriel would do anything to reunite with his brother, Asgore.
  • Toriel would do anything for her adopted brother and parents.
  • Sans doesn't want to capture humans anymore, but his sister won't let him quit.
  • Catty and Bratty hate their jobs but always have the latest gossip.
  • Flowey is a human.
  • W.D. Gaster tells you all about the war and why it started.
  • Dr. A. Gaster fell into her creation and was scattered across the universe.
  • Gerson was past Head of the Royal Guard in the War.
  • Asgore leads you through the Ruins.
  • Papyrus tells you little bits of advice every time you ride with him.
  • Riverperson's actual name is Arial (Which you learn on a pacifist route).
  • You never meet Gerson directly.

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