about skye

skye is one of the sans' siblings,as she has part of trick/sans' soul,despite trick's soul being split,the siblings have the parts of the souls in different colour:

gyro:justice(yellow soul)

jinx:bravery(orange soul)

trick/sans:determination(red soul)

era:perseverance(purple soul)

skye:patience(sky blue soul)


Despite skye being a sans,she doesn't have the same abilities as the others,she is the spell caster of the group,meaning she can cast spells of many kinds but she tends to use blue fire and blasters.she also has a HP of 20.Skye also has the ability to stop time,but only for a small amount of time(she loses HP if time is stopped for too long though)


skye has a defense of 1 and an attack of 2,making her the weakest of the group in her normal form.secondly,skye's left eye will cause her to have illusions,causing her to go blind in her hallucinaton so she will summon a blaster to allow her to see through her right eye,but her blasters wont attack without a command so if skye is blind in an illusion then she cant be defended by her blasters.


skye is the most secretive of the five,skye has athazagoraphobia,meaning she has a phobia of forgetting and being forgotten,she also has a second form,skye is kind and peaceful while her other form is power hungry and cruel if she cant control herself.


skye and ink are good friends,ink also helps skye control her powers and magic

error and skye often argue and fight,but they sometimes treat each other as friends too

skye and underswap papyrus are aquaintances and often chat and joke

tricktale era and skye are sisters along with gyro,jinx and trick,era and skye dont get along well though due to era wanting to conquer AU's,and skye wanting to help the star sanses protect them.

skye and dream are friends and usually spend time playing around and also practising battling with underswap sans

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