what is tricktale

tricktale is an AU where characters switch places and not personality,they also get given new jobs and roles(e.g:undyne is the ruler of the underground and asgore is a gardener).


  • the sans in tricktale is female and is not lazy
  • there is no papyrus and he is replaced by mettaton
  • alphys is not a yellow dinosaur and is now a small,green lizard
  • mettaton is the adventurous and cheerful type of monster
  • muffet and grillby own a cafe and work together
  • toriel works at a bakery called "tori's sweet pies and pastries"
  • undyne is grey with purple markings and hair,she is also calm and wise
  • chara is replaced with a character named hera
  • frisk is replaced by a character named layla
  • new characters added:gyro,skye,era and jinx
  • alphys dislikes anime

    skye,era,trick/sans,gyro and jinx

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