Trench is one of main characters of Patroltale. He originally comes from another dimension, much like The Fragment. He is part of group known as "Time Patrol".


Trench has black, medium length messy hair, and golden eyes with thin irises. He wears light purple shirt and leather vest, as well as matching leather pants, gloves and boots.


Trench, while usually rather carefree, takes his work seriously and unless given specific instructions during briefing, does not usually watch out how many causalities he causes during missions.

Luckily, he was given specific instructions not to harm denizens of AU, outside The Fragment and Shadows.


Coming later! Would not want to spoil the story, now would I?

Abilities and Powers

  • Expert Hand-to-Hand Combat : Trench is expert when it comes to hand-to-hand combat.
  • Expert Weapon User : Being trained hitman, Trench has mastered usage of several different weapons, though he prefers mostly to use his sword.
  • Energy Blasts : Trench is capable of using basic energy blasts, as well as "Sword Wave"; Energy wave fired while swinging sword.
  • Fire & Poison Manipulation : Trench is capable of transmutate his "Aura" into flame or poison.
  • Flight : Trench is capable of flying, but... It's not much use in underground, is it?
  • Apathy : Gaster has stated that Trench has "Unique" soul that does not posess naturally any of SOUL properties, such as Determination. This tends to weaken effects of abilities that would change his soul's colour, such as BLUE attack.


  • Sword : Trench carries katana with him all a time, sheathed on his back. Usually he uses Claymore, however.
  • Gun : On his belt, Trench carries sheathed pistol. It fires energy blasts instead of bullets.


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