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Trashtale is an original AU created by UndertaleTrash3. Its an AU where all her OCs and personas(not just Undertale, all fandom's she is in) take the roles of the characters. The roles will be listed here. If you ask for one of your OC's to be in it, the answer will be no.


  • Frisk: UndertaleTrash3, by drawing herself as she is IRL
  • Toriel: Her Wander Over Yonder OC
  • Flowey: Her FNaF OC
  • Sans: Vampire
  • Papyrus: Mint
  • Undyne: YonderShift!Sylvia
  • Alphys: Eudora
  • Asgore: Maria
  • Asriel: Her Pokesona 
  • Chara: Nora



Trashtale's current logo, however, this is a WIP

Tumblr nxgs3tlDMc1tcymqko1 500

When naming the fallen human after any Undertale character, this photo appears, and it says "That's the wrong AU!" And will prevent you from using the name. Besides the name "Chara" which says, "..." And the name is enabled.

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