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Tragedytale is an AU where Frisk falls into the underground

and meets hurt monsters and does what they can to help

them. Unlike Undertale, Flowey does not appear at the

beginning and he appears along with Asriel closer to

the end of the story. So remember.....Flowey isn't Asriel and Asriel isn't Flowey, they are two separate people! Chara also doesn't kill anyone, and will be present in the Pacifist story for the AU. Most characters are hurt and injured, with a few exceptions.(Those exceptions being Asriel and Flowey).

Chapter 1

Chapter 2


  • This AU was originally called Injuretale.
  • This AU was only supposed to be the characters hurt, nothing else, but was changed a bit to be more interesting.
  • Asriel and Flowey are separate.
  • (SPOILER ALERT) Instead of Asriel becoming the God Of Hyperdeath, Chara becomes the God Of Determination.
  • The AU is now owned by ~UltimateAnimuu~.

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