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H-i-i there i am F-flowey the f-f-flower please help me get out of here
— flowey telling you to get out of the town
This is a crossover between Lavender Town (from Pokémon) and Undertale.


Long ago, lots of people started dying. They went to this limbo called Lavender Town; everyone who died failed to leave this place and have a peaceful afterlife. You are lost soul trying to get to peace and hopefully make the demons nice.


The place is all grey, dark and pure evil, with the same dark, evil music since it's one big town.

The tower

the home of toriel or the mother spirit she bury the dead bodies which come out so haunt you and chase you shes happy your alive and quote "your the first soul to get this far normally he would kill them but you got past him"

silver town

same as snowdin but its all grey


the home of her its really deadly


the creep experiments on the dead bodys witch fail to fall down the correct path

Lavender town

the home of the creature Buried Alive and ghost



the only sain person their he was a human but when he died he became a flower and had control over his body and he wants to leave the Limbo

Mother spirit (toriel)

she looks like a women that would be in WWII just black and white with no pupils she isnt normal she wnats you dead saying "be with us together please don't leave you will BE IN PEACE"

Dead skeleton

the skeleton has the clothes of red and a bite mark on his left shoulder he guides you in sucide at the end he hangs himself


shes insane she hunts alive souls and slaughters them brutally


she tests bodies in graveyard and really wants to test you and know how you survived all the way long by creating a robot


he feasts on souls and keep them captive everyone's scared of him

Buried alive

you can't escape him hes pure death