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Touka is the sister of Ayato , and a major character in Ghoultale. She first appears in the forest before Snowdin. She has Judge role.



Touka is a short ghoul. Her left eye is hidden by her hair, who is purple and a little bit messy. She wears an unzipped green khaki hoodie with a light green hood, a white T-shirt, black short, and a pair of slippers. She has dark blue eyes. When she attacks the progonist at Genocide Route, her left eye flashes light green.


Touka is lazy who likes making some puns, and funny. Likes bothering her young brother, drinking ketchup. She hates making promisses, and if the protagonist kills somebody, Touka becomes eerily serious. And If Akumarou kills her brother, her eyes becomes void : "Why did you kill my brother or your crush ? You don't deserve to live" at Neutral.

Attacks & Weakness

Like she said to be the weaknest ghoul to having 1 HP. She is powerful, to control some bones and also human souls. Touka can summon "Gaster Blasters", teleports, asummon some bones, can takes out her kagune.

Touka is the only ghoul who can dodge our attacks. Her weakness, it's sleeping when she's getting tired, where you can kill her to end the fight.


Ghoulovania REMAKE


GENOCIDE Last goodbye

After the battle, she sees her young brother last time.

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