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"You took a wrong time to fall, Frisk the Human. The Underground is a dangerous place now, especially for your kind." - Flowey warns Frisk about Underground's dangers.
Tormentale is an AU where post genocide Frisk goes back in time and slays Chara before she executes her plan, to save monsters from their incoming misery, but effectively shooting them into a much greater torment. For this AU both human children have a certain gender. Frisk Is a boy and Chara is a girl.


TT represents a darker, more militarized version of the original UT setting. All characters are either royal guard members, or were them at some point. Yet, unlike Fell AUs, monsters don't tend to attack on sight. Unlike their Fell counterparts, TT monsters are not bloodthristy and, as such, attack only when it is by some means necessary.


The AU starts when Frisk aborts his soulless pacifist run, as he realizes that Chara is manipulating him to complete her plan of starting the second monster war. He travels back in time and walks the genocide trail again to make Chara a corporal being so he could have a chance to fight his soul back. He succeeds, but he still can't forgive himself for what he has done. He comes up with a plan to travel back in time to the point, where Chara is still alive and make sure no one will die because of her plan. Yet, his calculations fail and he misses the spot for fifteen years, leaving himself on streets with little means to survive. Still, he makes it and even manages to learn some skills, as well as find himself some real weapons. He also makes sure that other human children will never fall into the Underground. On a planned date he walks under MT. Ebot, hunts down Chara and slays her. Monsters dread by this intervention demand from Asgore to protect the Underground from further human attacks, Asgore is more then happy to indulge their fears. Years later young Frisk wanders into the hidden by future Frisk (yes, there are two Frisks at the same time) cave and falls into the Underground, where he immediately gets killed by Flowey who mistakes him for a guard member. Later, he explains to the young Frisk how the puzzle security works and accompanies the child for the majority of the journey. In the ruins they encounter Frisk from the future who aims to murder the young himself to prevent monsters from reaching surface, because this would mean a new war. Toriel arrives just in time to let the pair escape, but was killed in the process. Later, in the Snowdin forest Frisk encounters Sans while Flowey is engaged in reconnaissance. Sans doesn't gives them out to Papyrus and warns them about his traps. Thanks to Flowey's recon the pair avoids detection, but ultimately runs into the dog marriage. Fisk stands against Flowey's suggestion to "move" them out of the way and tries to handle the conflict peacefully. Yet, he fails and Flowey kills both of the dogs. Later, in Grillby's Frisk tells about this incident to Sans, the skeleton comforts Frisk and buys him some snack. He also makes the kid to make a promise: from now on he will do things in a right way. This helps Frisk to avoid bloodshed when the pair encounters Papyrus. In the Waterfall they occasionally listen Undyne's talk to Asriel, who blames her for incompetence of her men since they still didn't managed to track Flowey down. Undyne doesn't notice them sitting in the grass, but Frisk still falls from the bridge and finds himself in the lower Waterfall. While passing Temmie village they run into Sans, who informs them about older human's progress, in response Flowey claims that Frisk's pacifism is just an attempt to use others as a meatshield and leaves kid's side. Sans tells to the kid how to get to the elevator that will bring him closer to the exit. On his way Frisk runs into Undyne, yet, she means no harm to humans and let's him pass peacefully. Using the elevator to get up in the castle kid encounters Asriel who waits for him in the Hall of Judgement. The prince tells the child he was waiting for him, Flowey has betrayed him to remove the bounty for his own head. Seeing Frisk's continues failures in peacefully solving the conflict, Sans makes the dangerous move: he teleports the older human directly in the Judgement Hall before Frisk arrives there after his last death. The unexpected meeting instantly changes into a short swordfight, which is won by the human. Still, Asriel lives thanks to Frisk, who takes bullet for him. Being shocked by such an act, the prince purposes to cure the kid and to end the war by killing his father, and leting the humans go. Being tired of killing monsters, the older human accepts. But Asriel didn't kept his promise fully, still wanting the revenge, he stabes the human in the back with a poisoned blade dooming him to a slow death. Enraged by this betreyal, human almost kills the prince, but beeing stopped by woke up Frisk. Two of them go through the barrier, where the older human shots himself in order to have a quick death. He also gives to Frisk a jag with Chara's soul, which he was carrying since her death. Frisk promises to never try to change the past and leaves the mountain with Chara in his hands.


Frisk (smaller one)

He is a regular pacifist Frisk, being kind, soft and caring person. Quite agile and fast. Dosen't belive in Flowey's "kill or be killed" and, as such, refuses to fight, and feels miserably whenever someone gets killed, especially because of him.

Frisk (older one)

A grown up, genocide version of Frisk from future. Merciless and harsh, but never harms others unless necessery. Originally came back to prevent bloodshed that is going to start because of Chara, but by killing Chara he made everything worse both for monsters and young Frisk. After killing Chara he fled to the ruins to avoid any further fights with the royal guard. There he helps Toriel to survive in her exile, since she has a little means to find something to eat without help from other monsters. Feels Frisk's reset when he is beeing killed by Flowey and attacks them, but fails due to Toriel's intervention. Due to his past genocide experience and his life on the streets, he has became an extremely confident fighter, yet, he usually restrains himself because of monster's fragileness. Still, he never lets anything stand between him and his goal. He has lost his ability to reset, but he still can prevent other's from using it within his proximity. Armed with long machete, which still bears Chara's blood and with handgun, but he rarely uses it due to lack of ammo and monster's fragile nature.


A soulless flower brought to consciousness as a result of determination experiment. From the moment he escaped the lab the royal guard placed a price for him. As a result he is suspicious and dislikes to contact with monsters. At first accompanies Frisk to disperse his boredom and lonliness, but fastly roots to the kid and willingly puts himself in danger to protect the small one. Doesn't hesitate to kill, upseting the kid in result. Doesn't understand most of Frisk's kindness manifestations and as a result leaving him eventually.


She was the only one who stood against the Asgore's war and was exiled to the ruins for her inobidience. Ulike everyone else, she keeps her pacifistic philosofy and co-exists peacefully with the man, who killed her child. Doesn't hesitate to act in order to protect the child from beeing murdered and dies from older Frisk as the result.


Still likes to tell puns, to drink ketchup and to sleep. Serves within Papyrus's guard unit and offen gets punishments because of his lack of discipline. Hides Frisk and Flowey from Papyrus, and helps the kid to overcome a depression he got from witnessing deaths of dogs.


Tough and loyal guard lieutenant. Serves as the commander of a snowdin guard groop. Wasn't ready for a command duty and had to prove his worth to his men, and other officers, now no one dares to doubt his worth. Still gets annoyed by Sans's lasyness. Killes Frisk multiple times in the Snowdin, but ultimately let's him and Flowey go, when Frisk showes him what he was doing. Killed by the hand of adult Frisk along with Undyne.


Second in command only to Prince Asriel and King Asgore, she still aims to protect her people. But she doesn't share her superior's genocidal views. She belives that humans are to dangerous to provoke them. She doesn't rebel openly, but sabotages royal plans about the humans whenever is possible.


Being the only Asgore's child, the joung prince assists his father in rulling the kingdom. He is the one, who ensures that king's will is heard and obeyed by everyone in the kingdom. He is obstinate, proud and slightly arrogant. After his father's death his resumes to rule the kingdom instead of him, declaring: no one ever will harm the human, who fell down under any circumstances.