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" Hello, my child! Oh, I'm sorry if I scared you with that fireball. Anyways, welcome to Home! Yes, I know, it might not be the best name. The old king was not one for that kind of stuff. But that's what it has come to be known by, so I put up with it."
— when toriel first meets you
Toriel is the former queen of the underground. However, once the orders to kill any human who fell down in order to escape were released, she was unable to bring herself to do so. Once several souls had already been collected, she could not take it anymore and set them free, feeling bad about them being stuck there and hoping that if they had to start over, the plan would be abandoned and no more children would die. However, she failed to see that because of being trapped underground, hundreds of monsters were in terrible shape or dying. What she did angered the public, and she was thrown out of the kingdom and banished to the ruins. She eventually set out to repair the ruins into the empire which it once was, which is now called Home. She has taken the role as queen of Home. She is similar to her Undertale counterpart, guiding you through Home and eventually blocking your way out, forcing you to fight her. She also has animosity with Flowey, who she found attacking a previous human..



Toriel, in terms of body shape and head, looks very similar to her Undertale counterpart, with the exception of slightly longer horns. She wears a blue crown on her head, decorated with a white jewel. She has a long, purple robe, with thick white lining along the middle, and blue along the bottom. Her sleeves are white, and she has a large, white delta rune on her chest, with the wings of the symbol, in blue, making up shoulder pads. She has purple pants, and does not wear shoes, much like in Undertale. During her fight, she holds her arms outwards, holding a fireball in each hand. Her face is also shrouded in shadows, similar to Asgore during his fight..


Toriel is similar to her Undertale counterpart. However, their are some distinct differences. She, being the queen of Home, is much more regal and tries to be more responsible. Also, unlike Undertale, due to her past, she realizes her act of saving human children is causing the suffering of thousands of monsters. She realizes the blame is not entirely on Asgore, and in the long run his plan would have benefitted many monsters. However, she refuses to kill children or willingly send them to their deaths, causing her to be very conflicted, stressed, and to worry often. Despite this, she tries to maintain an outward positivity towards friends, and can joke once and a while.



Toriel, unlike Undertale, does not think of Asgore as pure evil. She realizes that his plan was much better than leaving all of monsterkind underground to suffer. However, being as stubborn as she is, still thinks Asgore is in just as much wrong as she is, if not more, and refuses to attempt to patch up their relationship. She believes their could have been a better way out than to kill children, even for the good of a kingdom.


While Toriel does not know Flowey on a very personal level, she considers him an enemy after he badly hurt the last human to fall down. She distrusts him, although when the player is around, is able to get along with him for the most part.


Toriel first heard Papyrus practicing one of his speeches to the ruins door, and encouraged him. Her relationship with Papyrus is much like Undertale Toriel's relationship with Sans, except while they do tell plenty of puns and jokes, they also talk about their personal lives. Unlike in Undertale, Papyrus was unable to accept Toriel's promise to protect the humans who he saw. While this does bother Toriel, it does not to quite the extent it would have bothered her Undertale counterpart, as she realizes she might not have been correct about gathering human souls.

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