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"Don't be afraid little kiddo. I'm a MAMA LUIGI, caretaker of the RUINS."
– Mama Luigi introduce

Mama Luigi is the guardian of the Ruins area. He was a Spaghetti fan, the caretaker of this place as he was the secondary character in YTPtale.









In Battle


  • Fireballs - Mama Luigi throw an entire fireballs at the player.
  • Raining Spaghetti - The parts of the Spaghetti like noodles, mints, meatball and even sauce will raining down.
  • Magic Balloon - The magic balloon hovers for few seconds until it popped into pieces will make an damage to the player.
  • Faltering - The entire fireballs is falling but it moved away from the Soul.



  • Kid, you really wish to get back "home" do you not? | Ahead of us lies the end of the RUINS. | It's an only one-way exit of this. | But... I'm afraid that I had to destroyed it. | So no one will never leave here. | Please young kid, go back to your room.
  • TBA. | TBA.

Flavour Text

  • TBA.

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