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Cre is the role of Toriel in UTAUWikiTale.



She is a lot less serious than the original, and enjoys running up stairs, teasing the Users in the Lesser Area and making puns. She has a slight brooklyn accent. She is very caring towards Ink. She gets angry when he tries to leave. She is also cold and unforgiving to her ex, since instead of him making "bad" AUs better, he deleted them instead. She likes to bake cakes. If Ink resorts to killing her to get past her, her spirit possesses a doll later on to kick Ink's ass for killing her.


She is an anthropomorphic cat who has fair skin, ginger shoulder-length hair, red eyes and black cat ears. She has freckles on her face. She wears a robe similar to Toriel's, only hers is pink instead, with long, white sleeves, and the Delta Rune on the front. She wears no shoes.



Create is seen to be be very caring towards Ink. She tries to keep him from leaving the Ruins, ans treats him like her own child. If Ink decides to kill Create, her actions and personality towards Ink are more angery and hateful and not as nice and as caring as to Ink in the beginning.


Wikiperson was Create's ex. They may have been deeply in love, in UTAUWikiTale, but she got upset with him for his poor abilities to clean up articles in desperate need of editing. Instead, he would carelessly delete whatever AU or article he wanted. Create left Wikiperson to help clean up the AUs instead of having them deleted. She once posted a blog to have him overthrown, but the attempt had failed, and Create deleted something for once, much to her own behest.


Create has a very strong disliking for Deletey, and attempts to paintball him to protect Ink!Sans, as seen here.


Both seem to have a slight disliking to each other. They rareley see each other, only in The True Pacifist Route, and in another ending. WikiC personally dislikes her because of how she acts/her appearance, in UTAUWikiTale.

Wiki Temmie

Wiki Temmie was Create's child that had died. She may be caring towards her, like Ink, becasue she is her child. They aren't reslly seen interacting, although Create did once block her, while in her Deletey form.


  • Despite teasing Ink for talking to himself, she has developed a habit of talking to herself due to isolation, loneliness, hallucinations and the fact that no one listens to her. EVER.
  • In the UTAUWikiTale series, she is technically the only one that needed to die.

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