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"Greetings! Chara, are you there? Its me! You probably do not recognize me... but, I was Clovey!"
– Toriel, Pre-Battle

Toriel is an 8 Year Old Goat Monster, who loves Flowers.

She uses the blended together versions of words (ex. aren't, can't, its, don't) unlike her Undertale Counterpart.

She is the Soulless Angel.



Asgore is her adopted brother, and, best friend.

She met him when she was 5.

Their BFFs, to this day.

The Blooks

Napstablook and Mettablook (Mettaton EX) are Toriel's parents. If it weren't for them, she wouldn't exist.


She was born in 200X, 1 year after the war.

She was happy as you could be underground.

One day, she was going to water the flowers in the Ruined Waterlands when she heard rustling leafs.

"Whose there? Anyone?" she called.

She saw another goat monster and brought him home.

A few years later, Asgore was sick, because, he didn't tell Toriel his plan accidentally.

He weakly said to absorb his SOUL.

Toriel nodded, absorbing it.

True Genocide Route

While not appearing on the True Genocide Route, Clovey tells Cyra her story.

Its going to be in a blog and not here sense its long.

Neutral Genocide/Neutral Pacifist

She doesn't appear in either but if you killed Clovey, Mettaton, will say giving you his SOUL is what she'd want.

True Pacifist

True Pacifist's the only Route she appears in, like Asriel, since she died.

In the Epilogue, Kyra tries to save her, but, fails, and, only saves Asgore.


  • She has a Clovey the Clover faceless 'hair' clip
  • Her theme in battle is Hearts and Rainbows, like how Asriel's is Rainbows and Stars
  • Asgore is her best friend, and, not love interest, she has none

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