Toriel is a character in Solartale who serves as the 1st boss in the game and a supporting character in the Pacifist and Neutral Routes.


Toriel, in Appearence, is very similar to her Undertale counterpart. She has a different color pallet and Delta Rune, and has 5 Fireballs above her in battle.



In her Pacifist and Neutral Battles, she exactly the same as her Undertale counterpart.


In her Genocide Fight, Toriel is very different from her Undertale counterpart. From the start of the fight, the player is in the Battlefield. The 3rd Fireball (The one above her head) will shoot out other, smaller fireballs that will go to the Player's position, stay there for 1 second, and then explode, similar to Moldbygg's attacks. The fireball that exploded will leave a CHARGE. The player must touch the charge and go to the top of the battlefield, once this process is repeated 6 times, Toriel will take 50 damage. Then, the 4 other large fireballs will go to the battlefield. One will light up red, and shortly after, the whole battlefield will turn red. The player must go to the center of the lit fireball to avoid death. This process then repeats itself until Toriel is dead.


  • According to Insanity, the fight against Toriel in the genocide route was inspired by Vosik, the 1st boss of Destiny's "Wrath Of The Machine" raid.

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