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Outertale Toriel is a motherly monster that takes care of humans that fall into the Underground. She uses fire magic and makes a baked treat called butterscotch-cinimon pie.


Toriel has a long blue dress with patterns of stars on the bottom, and white stripes on the top. She wears an white apron with a yellow delta rune on it. The bottom of her dress is puffy, along with both of her sleves. She resemles a goat, with long ears and horns. Her eyes are a light purple, and she has very long eyelashes.


Toriel is sweet and kind just like her Undertale counterpart. She is protective of humans who fall through to the Underground, knowing Asgore will try to take their souls. She tries to prevent this from happening by keeping them in the Ruins. She also has a motherly feel, and tries hard to be a mother to anyone who falls down.

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