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Decktale Toriel was there among the seven monsters present when The Freedom Card was gaining its last part. Unfortunately, the card broke, a piece going into her and the other seven monsters' soul. Each piece held great power, but the characters couldn't stay the same with it inside them, causing a chance in her personality.

Toriel developed a love for dolls, puppets, wooden figures, etc., yet also developed a hate for stuffed animals, paintings, and chests. Alphys thinks it's reminding this Toriel of Asriel, even though she forgot him when the piece became lodged into her soul.

It also gave her the ability to gain a new Fire Attack card once a week, making her stronger then before. Her attacks also became stronger, making her scarier then she already was. In her rage and confusion, she killed all the monsters within the Ruins.



  • *Check = Toriel. Main user of Fire Attacks.
  • *Talk
  • *Annoy


  • Fire Launch. A bunch of fireballs are shot randomly
  • Downfall. A big fire summons in the middle and grows bigger.
  • Spinning Wisp. A bunch of spirals appear for three seconds total, spinning around in a random spot.
  • Lavaflow. Lava flows from two random sides.
  • Spinning Launch. A mix of Fire Launch and Spinning Wisp. A bunch of spirals appear, fires appearing around them in a circular direction.
  • Firefall. A mix of Fire Launch and Downfall. A big fire appears in the middle, fireballs launching out from random parts.
  • Lava Wisp. A mix of Lavaflow and Spinning Wisp. Lava flows from one side, turning into a spiral at the middle.
  • Spinning Fall. A mix of Downfall and Spinning Wisp. A big fire appears in the middle, and then four spirals appear around it, either in the corners or in the middle of each side.


Decktale Toriel is about the exact opposite of Undertale Toriel. She absolutely hates children, often leaves the Ruins, and actually loves to cuss. Probably too much for a child to be hearing.

She doesn't act well around people unless they also have a piece of The Freedom Card in their soul. She often resorts to violence to solve conflicts, which she has with most monsters. It's rare to get her to talk to you unless you annoy her too much, which is one other way to get her to battle you.

The reason she hates children is probably because whenever she sees one she feels the pain of Character and Asriel, however when the piece got in her soul she forgot about them, so she just feels like she has to destroy the children to rid the pain.

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