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In this AU, Undyne is replacing the royal scientist (Alphys in Undertale).


It's Toriel but wearing a white lab coat instead of her delta rune dress.

In Battle

As Alphys, use needles and medical instruments but also shoot flames at you.


  • Friends: Asgore, Mettaton, Monster kid
  • Neutral: All others
  • Hate: Alphys


She prevents Asgore death by making him a robotic body. She is also the royal scientist, while Alphys try to improve the knowledge about the sciences, Toriel make stupid experiments which always fail.

Trivia & Quotes

-When her lab is a mess, she use her fire power to make free spaces.

-She loves sci-fi movies whereas Alphys loves anime.

-Instead of Alphys question about amalgamates where answer where "tell about them and send them homes" and "don't tell them", here you have the choice between "Try to reverse the process" or "kill them".


Every Routes:
Who are you? You're a human that's right? Of course that's right toriel.... I'm toriel the royal scientist of Mettaton. And here behind me, it's my husband asgore. He is not a robot, the fact is that he was hurt a long time ago, I replaced some of his body parts by my robotic implants and now, he can correctly enjoy his live again.
— Toriel (DarkTale) when you meet her
You probably aldready met alphys hum? Her expertiments are about healthing peoples and cures, she is a kind of doctor. Here at my lab we work about another aspect of sciences, the technologies, we are actually trying to bring to the underground a whole mechanization, maybe a kind of train or a lift between the ruins and new home.
— Toriel (DarkTale) second dialogue
Oh! That is time for my drugs and pills! Keep wandering in my labs and discovering things little one, *gasp* I must go take them, I don't want you to see that.... *she ran away*
— Toriel (Darktale) later in her lab
Genocide Route:
You have discovered the true lab that's right? You were a naughty little person, I don't want anyone to be warned about that. I have to kill you. Don't worry it will not hurt my child.
— Toriel (DarkTale) before her last fight

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