Anna is BelowStory's version of Toriel. Anna lives in the Ruins alone with Gabriel visiting every now and then. Anna loves to read Books and is even writing a childrens book, she also enjoys History, Romance, and Poems. Anna loves to bake, especially Cinnamon Sugar Pies, PB Cookies, and Cakes, All of her baked goods is either sent to Derrick or Sent to Maria's Desert Stand (Maria's Sweet Tooth). Anna speaks very softly and checks a Flower bed in hope of finding a Child to take care of. She enjoys making Puns and Jokes with her Son.


Anna is related to most of the Main Characters. Derrick is her Son, Bri is her Daughter, Maria is her Mom, Erik was her Husband.

Anna would have Siblings, but they died in the War. So she cares for their Children. She often thinks of her Late Siblings.


All of Anna's themes are remixes of the original track in Undertale.

Fallen Softly (Toriels Theme remixed)

A Regretful Fight. (orchestral Heartache)

Home...At last. (Home on Soft Guitar)


Anna wears a robe displaying the Royal Family's Sign, The Robe is a Blue-ish Purple color with white sleeves, Anna will commonly hold her own hands to re-create the feeling of holding her Son's hand. Anna wears Purple Slippers, thus the reason Derrick wears slippers.


Anna has a Genocide fight that requires you to hit her in a timely order to lower her DEF, or just hit her time after time, making the fight last longer. After you kill her, She'll regretfully say "D-don't hurt my childr..en ple...ase, Bri...a-and Derri-"

Her relation with her Son

Derrick and Bri would commonly visit their Mom to see how she is or plainly because their homesick, Derrick, on the other hand, Will talk to her about "Bad Dreams" (Resets) or "Him". "Him" is the character who takes Gaster's place. That or to make Jokes.

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