This version of Toriel Is from Alterfell, a mix of Underfell and Altertale where the underground is run by the motto "Kill or Be Killed" and Toriel is swapped with Sans. friisans is the creator of Altertale, and, by extension, Alterfell.



Toriel wears a red dress and black "Underfell Sans" jacket. Her fur is white and she has goat horns. She wears a black necklace around her neck and grey makeup around her eyes. Her eyes are red and yellow.


this is all from the creator

  • Is hot (af)
  • Extremely sassy.
  • Constantly threatening to incinerate people. (Occasionally goes through with it)
  • Toriel is psychologically/emotionally scarred.
  • She has an inappropriate/rude sense of humor.
  • She takes orders from no one.
  • Toriel enjoys filing her claws.
  • Toriel is in fact Sans' love interest in all the AlterAUs, including Alterfell.


Alterfell Sans

Toriel is the mutual love interest of Sans.

everything from this point on is speculation for now

Alterfell Asgore

Her brother seems to be bossy, so he makes her do all the cleaning and cooking, but he still deeply cares for her.

Alterfell Asriel

Toriel has no recollection of her father, ever since Asgore was born.

Altertale Toriel

She seems to hate the Altertale Toriel a lot, because she likes Altertale sans. Alterfell Toriel tries to steal him away from her.


Her appearances seems to be like Underfell Sans', as they have the same outfit, except Toriel doesn't wear shoes and pants.

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