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After saving Frisk Toriel takes them home.When Frisk tried to leave Toriel fought, them inorder to keep them safe,knowing how dangerous it really was out there.


Toriel is a tall goat monster with white far.She Has a long green dress that was ripped on the bottom,with long white sleeves,with the royle emblem in red and green on the chest.She has green and red eyes,without shoes.


Toriel is one of the last monsters who still holds kindness in her heart,She believes that things can skill change for the better.



After deciding to kill humans Toriel left to the ruins.


Toriel was the mother of Asriel.


Toriel and Asgore took Chara in and treated them with equal respect to Asriel.


After Flowey tried to kill Frisk,Toriel saved them and took them in as her own.

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