Toontale is an Undertale AU created by Nina-NintyRobo on deviantArt. It is a crossover AU where characters from canceled cartoons from the 2000s-Early 2010s era take the roles of the characters of Undertale, such as the parodied versions of Pikachu and Pinkie Pie from the animated sketch comedy show MAD (aired from 2010-2013) taking the roles of the Sans and Papyrus.

The regions are also different in Toontale from Undertale, such as Snowdin having a tropical setting, and Snowdin Town being named Kaua'ish, having the vibes of another animated show Lilo & Stitch: The Series (aired from 2003-2006). It is currently unknown what the other regions Waterfall and Hotland will be in Toontale.

Cast (So far)

Name Changes

  • Penny, Rudy, and Snap - Surname is Drawwur
  • Robotboy and Robotgirl - Boyblook and Girrlaton
  • Protoboy - Protodummy
  • Gir - Girrie
  • Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse - Burgerquack and Nice Cream Mouse
  • Dora - River Explorer
  • King Dedede - "King" Dedeggo
  • Dudley and Kitty - Dudlamy and Kitressa


  • Spongebob
    • Your Funniest Pal
  • Penny
    • Fallen In Chalk Dust
  • Pikachu
    • A Shocking Encounter
    • Tune That Could Start When You Brawl With Pikachu
    • Left in Shock
  • Pinkie Pie
    • Whee Hee Hee!
    • Hoovefuzzle
  • Ni-Pul
    • TBA
  • Ling Ling
    • "Ling Ling"
  • Girrlaton
    • It's Time To Start!
  • Rudy Drawwur
    • Enter The Zone
    • RUDY
    • Redrawn
  • Snap Drawwur
    • TBA
  • Boyblook
    • Puff of Smoke
  • Protodummy
    • TBA
  • Yin and Yang
    • Trapped in Woo-Foo Aura
  • Bessie
    • Honey Bee Shuffle (Title confirmed by the creator)


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