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TomsTale is an AU crossover/combination, since Tomsworld is an AU in the eddsworld series only a few have been swapped

Matt and Tamara (Asriel and Chara) Story

Same thing as before but they didn't die, they went up to the surface to fight back their land but Matt died managed to come back but he died. When he came back, he was a flower.

Story (main)

Monsters won the war and only a few humans survived. There's no barrier but monsters became pure evil and if a human goes up they die.

Tom (and others)

They hid away on the surface but were found and thrown underground. They want them dead since they didn't fight back when they were weak, and wanted to kill them.



Tom is Frisk, or the protagonist, because, well... it's TomsTale. If he were to be Sans or someone else, the name wouldn't make sense. But, you're right, Tom wouldn't kill anybody on purpose (unless it's Christmas). His soul is Blue (Integrity) which sets up a little more mystery. When Integrity dies in Undertale, they can't come back. The same rule applies to Tom.


He’s a purple flower who is always confused, but he does have a giant robot (memes) as his omega form.


He's unforgiving and violent, he doesn't help you at all and your fight with him is brutal.


He's Sans, but we made him more edgy. He tries to be happy but then people really see he's not happy at all. He's not very protective, he even tried to kill Tom once by making him fall into the deadliest puzzle. He has to take on a challenge. and he's sort of one of Tom's best friends. Edd insults the character over and over and in Genocide he says "Finally, I am out of this Hell"


He's very bossy (moody) and he torments Edd which makes him happy and he will kill no matter what.


He's nice, very nice, but he follows Eduardo's rules so if he needs to use force he will. He gets beaten up a lot.