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Together is an AU made by Mike Johnson (Mikeera). Unlike the more common swap and shift AU's, Together is more of a self insert AU. It takes place in Fun value 101, where things are changed, and Frisk is not the human to fall into the Underground. Instead, two new humans, (Mike and Keera) venture up the mountain, and fall in. Other AU's will make in appearence in this game, including Disbelief, Demolitale, and Royal Bones. The game's description is below.

The legends never said 7 traits. Just 7 souls. Keera and Mike. Bravery and Kindness. These two innocent teens fall into the underground together, with no knowledge of the pain and suffering that the monsters have gone through.

With only 1 soul needed to leave this forsaken place, who will make it through? Who will make it out alive? Will monsters go free? Who is the man who speaks in hands?


Watch as characters you love, come face to face with two new fresh faces! Play as different characters in this fan-game, set in the original Undertale universe. See how these two characters work Together to make it through the underground! Will they befriend everyone? Will they slaughter them, cackling? Find out in "Together: An Undertale story"



The CORE's design in the game.


Concept art for a battle. (Approved by FlamesAtGames and Mikeera)


F.A.Q."Is this just another AU?"
Ack. So....yes....BUT! BEFORE YOU CLICK AWAY! This is an AU, but, it's not one of those swap things. "When is the full game gonna come out?"
Well, I can’t really give a release date, seeing as how, life happens…But I would like to say, some time in 2018. "When do we all get a demo?"
"Do you make your own music?"
I make about some of the music for this game, and the other music is by the amazing, talented, BobNL, as well as Xalia! "Why are there two protagonists?"
Because reason. "Hey, do I recognize this music from YouTube?"
So, You may be able to recognize some of the music, as a remix you may have heard, but I assure you, I either have permission, or have used a song and remixed it enough for it to be considered my own. "Is there any way I can help?"
I love support! If you have any ideas or wanna help, you can follow the game. If you have any other questions or ideas, my email is: "Is this a sequel or prequel?"
Neither. This takes place when Frisk was meant to fall. Not before, not after.