Titantale is a fan-made AU made by the Youtuber Doodler.

About the AU

The AU follows the plot of the Attack on Titan anime/manga. The cast is swapped out for Undertale characters . The story revolves a Asriel who lives in the Shiganshina district until Photoshop Flowey appears and breaks the wall and lets Titans enter. After seeing his mother Toriel get eaten, Asriel vowed to kill all the Titans.


  • The cast of AOT is replaced with Undertale characters.
  • Asriel is not a pacifist
  • Flowey and Asriel are split into 2 characters
  • The Royal Guard is split into the four Military branches of Attack on Titan: Survey Corps, Garrison, Military Police & Trainee Squad. However, the closest thing to the Royal Guard is the Special Operations Squad. Both are composed of supposedly elite soldiers and are handpicked by the Captain.
  • Asriel has a "titan" form which is just his first form in his battle.
  • The Underground is replaced with the Walls.
  • Titans eat humans AND monsters

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