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– Times New Roman

Times New Roman is a character appearing in CNAS-Tale. He was a part of timeline 101, a world taken over by The Meat Factory. He was security of the factory, but went rogue with CNAS and his friends and helped destroy the factory.


Times New Roman was a skeleton living with his brother Impact in Snowdin Town of timeline 101 in Undertale. Snowdin was taken over by an unknown force, being rebuilt as The Meat Factory, and everyone enslaved. Times New Roman convinced the upper members of the factory to make him security, but he did this so he could eventually break out everyone and destroy the factory. 6 months later the CNAS-Tale group found him, and offered to help him, as well as give him knowledge of the Multiverse. After the factory was destroyed, TNR and Impact left timeline 101 to become AU protectors.




Times New Roman is a skeleton as tall as Papyrus, with a really large mouth. He is always wearing a black fedora and trench coat to look cool, even if it's really daggy. He also wears a dark green singlet, a pair of brown jeans held up with a belt and a pair of black leather shoes.


Times New Roman is an ego maniac, praising himself as a great person (Similar to Papyrus, but to a MUCH greater extent, 'cause unlike Paps, TNR is NOT that great of a person). He constantly acts rude to people that make fun of him and he constantly tries to act 'cool with the ladies.' He is also a large wuss, frequently wussing out during battles or anything remotely scary. Despite this, he does have intentions of protecting people, leaping to battle when people are in genuine danger, and he does genuinely care for his brother.

Abilities & Weaknesses


Just like most other Undertale skeletons, Times New Roman has the power to manifest bone attacks, however he can't manifest blue bones (instead he manifests white and orange bones) and he can't change a SOUL. His main gimmick is that he can manifest weapons made of bones (guns, swords etc.) and use them even more powerful than regular bone attacks. His favorite weapons to manifest are batons (mainly tonfa batons) and guns (mainly pistols).


He is really cocky during battle, spending half of his time is spent taunting the enemy which can easily put him in danger. He is also less skilled in combat as every other character, which can end up messing him up during battles with powerful enemies, or anyone really, which is why he never managed to beat the security of The Meat Factory, that and he is really wimpy, often wussing out before fighting.




  • Just like Sans, Papyrus and Century Gothic, Times New Roman was named after a font.
  • Times New Roman was based on the original version of Papyrus.
  • Times New Roman and his brother are not related to Sans and Papyrus.
    • TNR and his brother don't parallel Sans and Papyrus in this universe either. This is because Sans and Papyrus exist in that universe because it IS regular Undertale, but in a messed up timeline.
      • Despite this, TNR actually DOES show a few of Papyrus' personality traits, like their high ego (although TNR's is WAY bigger than Paps') and their love for a certain Italian dish.
      • Ironically TNR and his brother are the ones that don't exist, as in they only exist in one impossible to access timeline.
  • Unlike his brother, TNR was NOT created for an earlier version of Beyondtale.
  • Times New Roman is fluent in the fictional language Nadsat, a language used in the story 'A Clockwork Orange.' Despite this, he never speaks it.

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