Timeline 101 is a location in CNAS-Tale. It is a secret, inaccessible timeline in the main Undertale universe, which was taken over by The Meat Factory, but was restored by CNAS and friends.


Timeline 101 is nearly identical to the regular UT universe, but with a few extra residents in Snowdin Town. The Timeline was also taken over by The Meat Factory at a certain point, and was converted into a cold dark prison for the inhabitants of the regular underground.

The timeline also has no Frisk, meaning that resets are not possible. If the timeline was ever reset, the timeline will collapse, because without a Frisk, the timeline can't handle resets and will fade from reality, killing anyone in the timeline during the reset.

Unique Residents

Side Locations

The Meat Factory

The Meat factory is a location in timeline 101. The factory was a building made by a group of tyrannical dogs led by The Doctor, who took over timeline 101 of Undertale replacing it with the factory, starting in Snowdin Town, which expanded into the rest of the Underground (Minus The rest of Snowdin and the ruins).


The Meat Factory was made as a prison for the inhabitants of the underground by The Doctor and a group of power hungry basset hounds called the Doges. The factory was made also to harvest food and water for everyone in the building, including prisoners. As well as that, the factory also contains a research facility built in the location of the True Lab made for researching ways to strengthen the SOUL without damaging it so they can use all SOULs of the prisoners to destroy the barrier. Although the factory is destroyed, the research facility was kept intact due to CNAS (the person who restored the underground to it's previous state) was unaware of the conversion of the lab at the time, but was discovered by CNAS and friends after the events of CNAS-Tale chapter 1.


The Meat Factory is a cold, dark metallic factory, filled with a dark fog-like smoke emitted from the machines. The machines themselves are large and are used to cut and harvest fresh slabs of meat. The sound of machine whirring constantly fills the air.


  • Residents of Snowdin (Minus the Dogs, Fixedsys, Consolas and Times New Roman)
  • Residents of Waterfall
  • Residents of Hotland
  • Residents of The CORE
  • The Doctor (Factory manager)
  • Times New Roman (Former security guard)
  • Consolas (Former security guard)
  • The Snowdin dogs (Brainwashed security guards)
  • The Doges (Head security guards + Factory workers)

Gaster's Void

Gaster's Void is accessible in this timeline, where the CNAS-Tale version of W. D. Gaster resides. The portal is in the same location, except it's guarded by two skeletons, Baker and Laker. The void itself is pitch black, with no objects whatsoever.


  • W. D. Gaster (CNAS-Tale Version)

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