"Every reset you do kid always changes or adds something ya know"
– Maguto, explaining what effects the reset have on the world

About The AU

Once there was a timeline, no human had fell down and monsters lived Underground after the War. A human on the Surface was able to RESET, SAVE, and LOAD. They did it so many times that they reset the world entirely and erasing them. That humans final reset ended their existence and set that timeline on the same course with any other timeline in the Multiverse. Each AU has a timeline that connects to this AU and the timeline rebuilds itself after a genocide route so there aren't multiple timelines, each genocide timeline crumbles then reforms then is brought back to it orginal state. Frisk doesn't also give Chara her soul


True Pacifist

Its the exact same like nothing happens.


If Frisk didn't kill then Maguto will call you a "slighty dense" for not going True Pacifist and befriending the other characters and if you kill then Maguto will call Frisk "parnoid idiot" or if Frisk killed Karma or Papyrus he will call you a "heartless bastard" and walk away.


After the Sans fight, Maguto will fight Frisk and he list all action and say "Player, please just reset" and If you spare him then he'll kill you and tell you to reset and quit. The timeline doesn't destroy its self it just rebuilds from it's remains

Added Character due to Resets


He is skeleton that was added during the resests. He has the ability to sense the intentions of Frisk.


A goat and Maguto adoptive sister and added during the reset when Maguto was added

Calibri Gaster

W.D Gaster's brother added in a reset a while back before Maguto and Karma and is Maguto's dad and Karma's guardian


  • The human is erased from resesting too much and was a punishment by the 4th Wall (They resested 700,880,900 times)
  • This canon is Undertale adding a shift into the timeline giving the name TimelineTale
  • This a Special Event like Aftertale yet a AU and mini multiverse
  • Fun Value can determine which AU the Timeline would be in like 56 being Underfell and 23 being Storyshift and 60 being a Disbelief.
  • Maguto had to live through about 1000 resets that includes 300 netural runs, 1 True Pacifist and 699 Genocides
  • Frisk doesn't give Chara their soul at the end of Genocide runs
  • Chara kills Frisk as they think she can still do good on the next run
  • Frisk is female and Chara is female

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