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All The AUs are now put over in one AU and are separated by timelines instead, Three new characters that alter the past of Undertale are added in. Gaster now plays a bigger role and so does one of the added characters and such many out codes. As the fate of the AU stands in a grip of being shattered and erased from the AU. The story takes place over one year showing the truth about the lack of remorse or lack of caring or lack of something heart lifting. Genocide is the repetitive cycle of recreation that Frisk decided to start. Neutral shows how Frisk would be just being selfish, only caring of escaping using people to gain a hand in their escape. True Pacifist shows the Frisk who does not listen but insist on caring for everyone even the bad ones. The resets always change something about the world, bringing in the AU of the timeline and even changing something in that

Fun Facts/Trivia

  • Not every timeline has the 4 added characters
  • The relationship the three characters have are towards  Toriel, Asgore, and W.D Gaster
  • One is W.D Gaster brother, Second is W.D's nephew and the cousins of Sans and Papyrus, Another is Toriel's niece
  • The third Character is Toriel's sister and The fourth is Asgore's brother