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Time Sans was not made by Ink Sans, and is said to be the keeper of all the timelines. He has no world of his own, instead residing in a dark timeless void between all the Alternate Universes that is the beginning and end of all timelines. "Time" can view every AU and see every possible outcome within them, but cannot control them or interfere with them.



Time Sans is slightly larger than classical Sans, standing at about 5 feet tall. He wears a long, white jacket with a furless hood that obscures his face and is always zipped. He wears a simple grey turtleneck underneath and black capris with a single white stripe down the side of each leg. he is usually seen wearing knee high boots that are either black or white and tied. He keeps his body hidden since his bones are said to be scarred and cracked with age and the story of countless unknown battles, though with unknown enemies or his own inner demons it is never said. He never lets anyone see his soul, which is permanently under his ribs. he has the design of a clock etched into his skull (above his nasal ridge) and has a crack splitting his skull from his right eye socket up to the left side of his cranium. His left eye has no magic soul color, instead it is white with a haunting slit pupil. his right eye socket has an oversized glowing orb similar to classic sans, but larger and more 'muddled'.


Time Sans is a mysterious and withdrawn character who doesn't reveal to much about himself. he is strongly known for being secretive and silent, not talking to much, and preferring to speak in riddles when he does so.

Time is not known for humor and puns, being deathly serious all the time. if asked, he would only reason that jokes are a waste of time, and time is something he doesn't ever have enough of. he is constantly in a state of thought and rush as he tries to decode the meaning of every timeline past and to come. he cannot exit the void he resides in for very long, since his very existence is attached to it and leaving it for an extended amount of time would mean his death, and the end of the multiverse.


  • Time Sans was made by Skeleton-Tears on Archiveofourown

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