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Time!Sans is a Sans that was made to watch over all timelines no matter if it's Neutral,Genocide or Pacifist. He helps Ink from time to time whenever he needs help saving another AU. He even on occasion helps Error!Sans with his work as well. Since he supports any timeline he works both sides of the deal.


Time!Sans has a hard time staying focused and also enjoys watching his grandfather clock in his part of the Anti-void. He also has a bad fear of Open Areas and crowds. He works all the time and is always on the lookout for anomalies. He also loves Relish. He's not very hype on interaction with others.


Time Reverse

This ability gives the user the power to reverse time for a short distance.

Sand Fill

This attack slowly starts to fill up the fight box with grains of sand. Once touched with sand the heart icon will turn blue and sink into the sand.

Gaster Blaster

Devices that resemble a skull, to shoot a kind of laser beam.

Bone Attack

Skeletons can create bones that cause damage on touch.


Time!Sans appears to be wearing a blue hoodie with a purple hood and a purple hour glass on the right side of his face. His Shorts are blue and the stripes on them are a lighter blue. He wears blue slippers as well.


  • He once brought back an AU that Error!Sans destroyed by turning back time.

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