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"Heya, I'm TickTock!Sans, TickTock!Sans the skeleton."
– TickTock!Sans



TickTock!Sans is similar to Error, except his body is all black and one of his eyes has a clock instead of an actual eye, he is holding a clock, on one of his arms. He lives in a white room and can go into many universes of the UnderTale AUs. He somewhat hates Error!Sans, Horror Sans, Killer Sans, Underfell Sans, Virus Sans and Immortal Sans. He thinks they are all evil and must pay for their wrong doing to the Multiverse and the UnderTale AUs. He somewhat fears the thought of being killed.

He also has a fear for Gaster. Gaster might come into his white room and kill him. He respects Ink Sans and the rest of the good Sanses. One day, Horror Sans somehow got into his room and swung his axe, threatening to stab TickTock!Sans, who attacked Horror Sans and sent him through a portal to his original universe, HorrorTale.

Killer Sans also came into his room and tried to attack TickTock!Sans. He sent Killer Sans to the void, but Killer Sans somehow reset the timeline.

Underfell Sans has not seen TickTock!Sans.


He is friends with Ink!Sans, Sans Classic, Sans/Underfresh and Papyrus/Underswap.

He hates Error and wants to destroy him, but whenever Ink!Sans is with Error!Sans he does not attack Error. He also hates Killer Sans And Wants To Stop His Killing Spree, He Hates Sans/Horrortale And Wants Him To Stop Killing Innocent Children, He Hates Sans/Underfell Saying "Everyone Deserves Mercy Every Now And Then" He Fears Gaster Thinking Gaster Will Kill Him.


Long Ago There Was A Void Filled With Darkness A science experiment By W.D Gaster Was Done, There One Day He Thought Of A Skeleton Who Can Control Time So He Took A Copy Of Error Sans And A Clock And Fused Them Together, Thus Making TickTock!Sans.

He Saw W.D Gaster As A Threat So He Left The Void Trying To Find A Home, Thus Finding a White Room He Then Creates Portals To Other AU Universes There.


TickTock!Sans Can Create Portals To Other Undertale Universes, He Does This Rarely If Error!Sans Is Destroying A UnderTale AU Universe In Battle.

He Can Summons TickTock! Blasters And Can Telport, He Can Also Turn Anyones Soul Into Orange Blue Green Yellow Purple And Red, He Can Turn Error!Sans Puppets Into Their Orginal From Before They Become A Puppet.

He Can Also Freeze Time When He Cant Dodge A Attack, By A Foe He Can Also Use Blue And Orange Bones To His Foes, He Can Also Shapeshift Into Any Sans AU Which No Other Sans AU Can do.


He Fears Being Forgotten.


Megalovnia Remix=


He Looks Simlar To Sans From Undertale.

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