The Window Void is the second half of The Picasso Pad. It is a black void with a set of windows that can zoom in on the different AUs. In the realm you can choose to fly or just walk normally to navigate through the realm. After an unknown entrance from the Picasso Pad, there is a hall filled with the AU windows, and to the right of the hall is a bedroom and kitchen. The room also contains a TV with a Wii U, X-Box 360, and a PS4 as well a very big couch. To the left is a PC room for recreational purposes, along with a weapons and collection room. This Void's origins was revealed in TUTF´s backstory. This is the other half of the Picasso Pad. No one really know how to enter it besides it's main inhabitant and people who he informs about the entrance, similar to CORE!Frisk with The Omega Timeline.


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