The Soul Trio are the main characters of Multi-Shift.

Anne is a Trauma Patient with 170% of Their SOUL having Determination. They can use this to Take Stats and Memories from other Timelines.


Enhance Reset
Wipes All Data on in the Game,it also wipes their memory
Harness and Use a Soul for Stats and Abilities,This Affects Their Personality as well.
Saves and Gives you Data from another Run of the Game.


  • Anne's SOUL technically is actually part Save Point.This is what allows them to remember and recreate timelines.

Redd is the oldest of the group, they is a Skilled Dodger who isn't Afraid to use MERCY, They also can Command Others with her valuable Charisma.They are also related to Fisty.


Crispy Slash
Does 50 damage to the Monster it's used on.Later Attacks will be Shorter,and you will heal more from items
Instantly Spare the Target Regardless of Conditions
Velvet Lead
Give an Order to a Monster,if they don't follow it you get +5 ATK for 2 Turns


  • Redd is Relatively New,but They were Made to be Different from the the Power-Hungry AU makers who want to make the best character to be in a Fight,and also the Cutest too.

Fisty is the youngest and weirdest of the 3. She has Pyrokinesis and Powerful Hand to Hand Combat Techniques.She is also 90% Human and 10% Monster.She will attack everyone and everything,even without the intent to kill.She is also able to use Telekinesis for a Short Duration of Time.


Furious Barrage
Repeatedly Attack the Target,You gain 25% less LOVE and EXP from killing them Though
Fire Blaze
Deals 20 Damage Each Turn,and Monsters have a Chance not to Attack at All One Turn,those turns it will do 30 Damage instead.
Magic Spell
Perform 1 of 3 Different Effects
  1. Heal 2 each turn
  2. Gain +1 Speed Each Turn
  3. Heal 10 HP instantly,Adds to the Total.


  • Fisty was the First Character in terms of Development,and had many Different Designs
  • The Original Fisty Looked Exactly like Frisk,but with a Headband and Exposed SOUL
  • Fisty was Originally Gender Neutral like the Rest of Them,but instead was made Female to make it Different from the other characters.


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