he Puppet is an actual life-size string puppet (not exactly but close enough, I'll explain it in a second). He partly represents the user UndertaleAUwikipersonandthings, but is partly his own entity. He is a main character in A Day At The S.T Plot Office.


The Puppet seems to be an anatomically correct human skeleton that's movement is controlled by strings that seem to come from nowhere. He has black cargo pants, worn brown sneakers, and a brown hoodie with small green skulls covering almost all of the jacket.


The Puppet acts random and is random. He often talks about other users more than other characters. He also likes to be loud and annoying.


The Strings

The strings operate as The Puppet's soul and are what he truly is. He simply uses the body he currently is in as a host because he favors it. This also means he can leave that body and take over another entities body.

Avacado Magic?

He can turn anything he focuses on into an avacado except for sentient things.




  • He has a fear of tacos

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