This page exists so people can find these characters while searching on this wiki even though their pages aren't present here. No infomation should provided here other than their name, the parents and a link to their pages.

This is a list of characters that are the children of other characters. For more knowledge on this characters, and they do not appear to be on this wiki, check the 'Offspring Wiki'. Feel free to add more character and AU headings.


The Offspring of Outcode characters.

Offspring of Ink

Offspring of Error

Offspring of Fresh

Offspring of Misc-outcodes

Cross AU

The Offspring where their parents are from 2 seperate AUs.


Offspring that are children of Underswap characters and characters from other AUs


Offspring that are children of Underfell characters and characters from other AUs

  • TBA

Other AUs

  • TBA

With-in AU

The Offspring where both their parents are from the same AU.

Undertale (non-canon)

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