The Merciful SOULS is an AU similar to the original Undertale and may be mostly head-canon, rather than being a full AU. It still takes place underground and the same characters are in the same roles.

Notes and changes


  • Sans is Papyrus's adoptive sibling. They are not related genetically.
  • W. D. Gaster was Papyrus's father.
  • Frisk is blind.
  • Chara guides Frisk but does seem to have some murderous intent.
  • Sans and Alphys know each other but don't seem to get on well.
  • Sans drinks and may be an alcoholic.
  • Sans's magic eye is unique to him and not a normal thing for skeletons.


  • Frisk's first run was genocidal up to Papyrus where they reset.
  • The second one, which is more focused on in the comic series is a pacifist one.
  • Although Frisk is blind, the monsters don't seem to notice it.
  • Sans is particularly responsible for W. D. Gaster's 'death', which is why he drinks.
  • What happened to Sans's parents are a mystery, Papyrus just found him in the snow outside of Snowdin.

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