"You Have Disobeyed us for the Last Time.
You Have Forsaken Your Duty...

– The Maker's Punishment

The Maker's Punishment is place where it is only meant for Deities, not other AU's.

The Maker's Punishment

This Place is very unknown to alot of UnderTale fans, but that's why I'm here I've come to shed some light on this mysterious place. From what I've gathered from reading a couple of theories and reading the comic 10 times, I've analyzed this place to be an area where gods that have forsaken, misused or have done wrong by the makers is put to wait here until they have either been forgiven, proven innocent or let go.

What Does it Mean?

This place is meant to be a place that the bad deities are put to learn their lesson for what they may or may not have done. No one is perfect, but in this case the deities are meant to be in our eye's so seeing them misbehave and cause trouble will cost them dearly. The Only deities/gods we know of a are Ink,Error,Glitch, Negative, Timeline Sans and Error404 Sans these guy's are the only people who can be sent here. Being sent to such a empty place can cause serious damage not only to your mind,but to you soul as well. This place is no picnic if your sent you gonna be here for a while, if you've seen ink and error's reaction to being sent here you know what i mean.

How Does it Work?

The way to operate this world is quite simple and yet most difficult, in order to send the deities to such a world requires a lot of magic and people. If you ever feel like sending one of the deities to such a Horrible place you must have the approval of more than half the undertale fandom. This is because when a deity it is immediately given god like powers, in which we can not kill or erase them from history. So in order to punish them for they're bad deeds or for they're horrible crimes against our rules we send them here. This place is made to torture the deities, since they are strong minded and willed they can survive the cold and harsh environment of this place, anyone else would be killed or commit suicide under pressure.

How to Avoid it

You can't, once you have been put in there's no way back unless we let you out ourselves. The only possible chance of evasion is to do your job and do it right. The room is meant to keep you in and never let you out unless we tell it to, so all of our powers will be gone or taken away no matter if there connected to your body or soul(example: error's strings).

How long do you stay in There?

The Time scale for how long you stay there is still unknown,but from what I've seen it can be up to 10 to 48 hours or more depending on what you did. Depending on what crime or cause of event you or another deity did to get there will sum up to how long you stay there.

How Do you know when Your Taken There?

Oh! you'll know, as soon or maybe a couple of minuets later the crime you did will start to take a toll on you First you will immediately be transferred there against you will. Next you will be brought there without any warning. Finally the conclusion then it all starts to sink in not being able to use your powers, no sound except for the waves of the endless ocean and finally the isolation and the only comfort you have are your own thoughts.


This place appears to be an island with an entire ocean surrounding it and underneath the water is the sight that really takes the cake, the sight of the AU's all of them just sitting there out of reach.


Throwing yourself into the ocean won't work since it's connected to the sky so you'd just end up right back on the island with a bruised butt. Keep to yourself if your a deity like the others are then it's best to keep to yourself, Error, Negative and these guys good that this, Ink and Glitch just like to sit chat and draw all over the rock and Time!Sans just sleeps the time away. The World resets so any damage or Drawings are erased and the rock remains the same it did before.You can't die here either Negative figured this out when he tried to bash his head in against the island, but the damage or any other injures heal over time or immediately. This place is hell on earth if you are deity, and my final piece of advice do your job right and you won't get hurt. The Only other person not to go is Error404 Sans and that's because no one knows of his existence.Another tip is this:never let anyone with the Corrupted SOUL Trait go there (looking at you S.T).


  • Why Don't You just kill yourself? Because that's what we want them to do,we test to see if they can handle the punishment and the outbreak of insanity that comes along the ride.
  • Who's been there already? all the gods have at least been there once in life time and are never ready to go back.
  • How many people can be on the island? as many as needed if they have all sinned then they all go, there was once a time they were all sent there together because they all got in an argument over Flowerfell.
  • Who's been there the most? Negative, little trouble maker, he's at least been there 4 times by now.
  • What does it mean if you never go back? Not sure, but my theory is,is that you've been thrown away and will be replaced with another deity to take your place.
  • Why other reason would have to go there? There's a theory that stats that this place was where the deity's got there powers and where they were born, it is also where they will die if time says so.

Put more questions down in the comments and I'll try my best to answer them.

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