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"Kiddo, don't try to hide from me, I've seen your spots." - The Lone Survivor

The Lone Survivor is an OC Sans made by the Youtuber I AM INSANITY.


The Lone Survivor somehow found out about the coming of Chara by the time the 5th Human died, and spent time while on patrol attempting to learn how to stop the human. He ultimately decided on injecting himself with 1 precent of determination from a human SOUL. By miracle, he didn't melt. However, Frisk momentairily takes control of Chara and resets, resulting in Sans becomeing a glitch in the void. During this time, he found ways to manipulate the code, resulting in the universe becomeing corrupt and everyone in the universe dying and Sans becomeing the universe-jumping Lone Survivor.


TLS has their hood up, and has a scarf. His jacket is also black.

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