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The Freedom of the Heroes is a Undertale X Sonic AU created by me (not that you already figured out)


  • Frisk is a blue hedgehog that ended up in a island in a boat trip to somewhere, what will happen to him?
  • Sonic is an Hedgehog that possibly died in an event to save the world.
  • Metal Sonic is a replic of Sonic who tried to destroy the world. After being defeated, he is destroyed and left in a very destroyed state, and after this his body was sealed somewhere...
  • The Dark Chao is a Chao that is searching for a Chaos emerald for some reason. What could be his goals?
  • Tails is a mechanic who isolated himself in the Ocean Palace for some reason. He is helping Frisk to pass trough the whole place. Could be hiding something?
  • Big the Cat is a fisherman that you encountered in Dry Hydrocity, he was looking for a frog called froggy, after a while, he got back to where he was before, and you do not see him more...
  • Silver is a Hedgehog that lives in Station Square doing things and helping you out occasionally. He is just a normal Hedgehog, nothing special.
  • Jet the Hawk is a Racer who is trying to steal your Chaos Emerald. While he also does... Something that we do not see.

Roles in General

  • Frisk - Frisk
  • Chara - Sonic
  • Chara (Genocide) - Metal Sonic
  • Flowey - Dark Chao
  • Toriel - Tails
  • Napstablook - Big the Cat
  • Sans - Silver
  • Papyrus - Jet the Hawk


Your Best Friend - Chao in Earth[1]

sans. - A Useless Introduction[2]

Nyeh Heh Heh + Bonetrosule - Reach But Never Catch + The Sky is Me[3]

Dummy! - Chaos Disaster[4]

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