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A forgotten AU, even Ink doesn't know of it. The AU's creator discarded the tale, leaving the world in ruin. One was finished, but was the only fully-fleshed out person in the AU. She began to loath existance, and soon discovered a power, Eradication. She used a trenchcoat from the RiverPerson, bandages from Undyne, and boots from Papyrus, soon diving into dark magic, gaining the ability of Blood Rite. Shelost the precious emotions her vreator made for her and felt nothing when a strange skeleton ran into her in the woods. Samuel introduced himself and soon was attacked, One was too strong, god like in her power and drove him off. Samuel then proceded to close the AU off from everything, forever, in that time, she learned of AU's, and learned enough to break the Retcon on her world, setting herself free. All the important characters died without the Creators writing in their lives. Now she threatons everything, she must be stopped.

Appearence: Snowdin

Snowdin is covered in a perma frost, the few that live there live in broken, unfinished homes with rot growing out from it. Acting out their unfinished code, slowly dieing. One, useing her bllod rite, warped important charecters ash in the areas, to test out a 'Creators power'

  • River Person: He is now a creature with blood red eyes and long, spindly legs. He carries his oar as a weapon and crawls around.
  • Papyrus: His body has been twisted, one arm is broken into sharp spikes, and the other holds a broken sword, a relic of his Royal Guard training. His jaw has fallen off as his body rotted, and black mold grows from his eye sockets.


Vines have overtaken the Ruins, most have withered away and whole sections have fallen into the darkness. Mold grows from the corners and every step could mean death.

  • Toriel: Her fur is blackend by mold and a fire permanatly burns over her arms. Sections of her body are rotted away and her eyes have gone black. No love is in them
  • Flowey: He is a tangle of vines, groaning and moaning as his tendrils slowly die off.


Most of the caves have colapsed, mold creeps out from the dark areas and the echo flowers whisper the words of a dead world.

  • Monster Kid: His body has turned into a centipede, crawling and skittering acros the caves to see if it's raining somewhere else...
  • Napstablook: He is the same, tho is now obssessed with having a body. He posseses anyone who can get close.


The water has long since dried up, Onion-San lies face down in the pools of water and the gap the duck caries you across is too big now. It is endless.

  • Mad Dummy: He has long since been forgotten in the piles of trash. Old metal and such sticking into his body and his minons lumber around as the rot makes them go haywire.
  • Udyne the Forgotten: Her scales have dried up and many spears pierce thru her body, her armour is cracked and mold drips out in black clumps.

Hotland(MTT resort and Hotland are both together)

Mostly uninished, creatures roam it with no reason to live. == Judgement Hall== The windows cracked, tiles rotted, Sans stands there, waiting for the battle that never came.

  • Sans: Rot has ravanged his body, Gastor Blasters lie broken in the walls and mold drips from his eyes. The floor is lined with broken bones. Sans waits, the bad time has finaly come...


The final area, A grey, windowless room, where One holds all her experiments and notes. It is neat and orderly, monsters are disected in tubes everywhere.