I appreciate that you all enjoy some of my work, but for future reference, The Eternal Worm is NOT to be used in ANYTHING without my express permission. If you want to mention them in your AU or something else, tell me EXACTLY what they will be used for. If I find ANY mention of them WITHOUT my permission, I will remove it immediately. If it continues, then I will be forced to delete the aggressor. And if that doesn't stop them, I will temporarily ban them from the wikia. THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING!!!

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* Do not edit this page without Alphasaith's permission.

The Eternal Worm is an entity from another Multiverse that devours universes. It is the adversary to Rhosaith. The Eternal Worm came to the Undertale Multiverse in search of Rhosaith's home-universe. Though it doesn't care for the lives of any of the residence of the Undertale Multiverse, it has bargained with the lesser creatures of the Multiverse in exchange for their lives. It has the power to adapt any advantage from the thing it devoured to itself. Rhosaith has issued a warning to all the AU jumpers to be on the look out for it, as it WILL kill you. The Eternal Worm is powerful enough that it can choose whether or not to obey the laws of existence.

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