"Pardon me for being rude, but can you please die now?"
– The Doctor

The Doctor is the dictator of The Meat Factory and the main antagonist of Chapter 1 of CNAS-Tale.


The Doctor is a human who created a meat factory. Not much is known about him, but what is known is that he hates all monsters and wants to kill them, harvest their souls and use them to break the barrier. He created The Meat Factory to enslave the monsters. He brainwashed a few of the prisoners (All of them dogs) for security.


The Doctor is a tall white man, wearing a green butchers suit. He also wears a weird mask, with 4 green filters, 4 pointless animal looking ears and a beak reminiscent of a mask worn by a plague doctor. Inside his mask, his has black hair, grey eyes and a missing chunk of flesh below his right eye.


Despite his dark motives, The Doctor is very sophisticated, respectful and even kind to people, even if they are his enemy. He has respect for all life and likes everyone he meets for all their good qualities, even the supposedly nonredeemable. Despite this, he does despise monsters, wanting to harvest their SOULs. He is also very quiet, often hiding information about himself or his motives.

Abilities and Weaknesses


The true extent of his powers is unknown, but what is known is that the powers people do know of are incredibly deadly. He has incredible telekinetic capabilities, able to read, alter or completely rewrite a person's mind. He is also skilled in attacking with knives. He uses a large butchers knife to attack people, sometimes using his telekinesis to his advantage. He also is highly durable, or at least his outfit is. His outfit is lined with some sort of durable, lightweight and flexible metal, making his outfit as powerful as a suit of armor, making it hard to kill him.


No one knows much of his weaknesses. His outfit, although very durable, is still able to be damaged and even can be broken, and it is easy to assume that he is just as durable as an average human, and once his armor is broken, he may be easily taken down, if you even can.


  • His design was based on the artwork made by SaltyVodka for SpookyDove's remix of The Meat Factory soundtrack.

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