The deleted tale sans is from The deleted tale. when Error!Sans was going to corrupt there world he first had to Fight sans and it was relatively easy .


The deleted tale sans also known as Corrupted!Sans is more depressed the Classic Sans and also trust's less to no people now. he personally hate Error!Sans the most out of everybody in his AU. he desires to corrupt Error!Sans because of what he did to him.


he is more edgy then normal and more sad but even though he is more edgy he still care's about his friend's even if he doesn't trust them anymore he still care's for them. he want's to corrupt Error!Sans and make him pay for what he's done to him even if he has to die . he has seen other destroyer's after Error sans attacked such as Nightmare!Sans , Cross!Sans , Error404 Sans , Error!HorrorSans and The Fragment he never went head to head with any of them in fact they never even saw him he just hid and watched them fight other's so he could learn how to fight Error!Sans but he almost got caught a couple time's.


on the left side of his coat it look's like frisk's shirt the right side of his coat is normal , he has a giant scar a crossed his chest that's dripping blood his normal under shirt in his right eye there's a white pupil with blood dripping from the top and his left eye has a blue pupil and the upper left part of his skull there's a black chunk and the upper right there a glitch's covering that part of his skull . his right leg pant's are negative color's . and his right slipper is white and his left slipper is white .


his universe used to be just like Undertale's universe and every body was all happy but then Error!Sans attacked sans found this out so he went to the judgment hall so he could fight Error!Sans but error sans beat him easily but error sans wanted to have some fun with him so error sans used his string's to grab onto sans soul and error sans nearly crushed sans soul by crushing is but sans fought back and managed to cut the string's then error sans cracked the left part of sans skull and gave him a big scar on his stomach then error sans went on to corrupt there world sans decided to take some glitches' to cover the part of his skull that was cracked and then his eye started to drip blood and he didn't want to take the string's off his soul because the string's are the only thing keeping his soul together so now he look's for error and refuses any help that is offered saying " As long as Error's still out there I still have a goal".


  • timeline jumping
  • all Sans's attack's
  • Determination : the power to Reset


  • super low HP
  • short tempered


Cross!Sans : he dose not care or dose not fear him .

Error404 Sans : he find him strong and dose not want to find or encounter him .

Rhosaith : he has heard about her and known's she is quick.

The Fragment : he is aware that it's strong and dose not desire to find it.

Error!Sans : he hate's him with all his might .

Hate!Sans : he knows that Hate!Sans is made of hate so he try's not to hate to much .

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