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Doomy has escaped from the moon and is in the process of taking over hundreds of AUs with help from his new army. He has already conquered Underswap and AlterTale. He has defeated the leaders of UnderFell, FellSwap, and AlterFell. He has turned the rest of the citizens of these AUs' into his soldiers.


  1. No outcode characters are alowed, or any character on the "God List"
  2. If a character is listed as either one of Doomy's soldiers or Doomy's captives, you cannot play as that character.


  • UnderFell Asgore
  • Alterfell Papyrus
  • FellSwap Toriel
  • Any of the Protaginist role characters in these three AU's
  • UnderFell Flowey
  • AlterFell Flowey
  • All Annoying Dogs


  • UnderFell Sans
  • Fellswap Sans
  • AlterFell Sans
  • UnderFell Papyrus
  • Fellswap Papyrus
  • AlterFell Toriel
  • Underfell Toriel
  • Underfell Undyne
  • Fellswap Undyne
  • AlterFell Undyne
  • AlterFell Alphys
  • FellSwap Alphys
  • UnderFell Alphys
  • AlterFell Asgore
  • FellSwap Asgore
  • UnderSwap Temmie (right hand man)

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