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* The contents of this page are from a non-canon source, and thus, have no bearing on the official lore of the AU series. But sometime, it may became canon, later... Don't you think?

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"CCoommee... bbee oonnee... wwiitthh tthhee CCyyccllee EEtteerrnnaall..."
– The Curse, speaking to Ink Sans & Underswap Papyrus.

The Curse is a software program that was added to the CODE to an unnamed AU (sometimes called Cursedtale/Cursed Realms).

IT has become somewhat known as a habringer of death across the multiverse as IT hacks into NPC's in noteworthy AU's for the purpose to cause Genocide, gaining more & more EXP & power for every FIGHT IT partakes in.


Nobody knows the name of the Player that created The Curse, nor what their motivations were. It may have been an act of malice or simply an experiment to satiate their curiousity. All that is known about The Curse's "birth" is that IT was directly uploaded into the CODE that made up that Player's version of Undertale.

The Curse was programmed with a selective amount of tasks to complete:

  1. START the game.
  2. KILL all monsters.
  3. ERASE the world.
  4. RESET.
  5. REPEAT.

The Curse did not know from where IT had been given these orders nor why, but still IT obeyed. Very much like a regular Player, The Curse played through Undertale with some difficulty. IT had to learn through trial & error to become better at the game, eventually beating it. The Curse obeyed the commandants programmed into IT & RESET the world before beginning anew. Nobody knows for how many times The Curse destroyed the world, not even ITself. The Curse lost count after the 7840.559.221.560.112th RESET.

The Curse could not be stopped, no matter how many times something new was put in IT's way. But The Curse didn't seem to mind. The Curse found silent pleasure in the variety of experience & would begin to experiment with new ways to cause Genocide. But it was this desire to face new ordeals that would one day encourage The Curse to leave IT's universe to torment other worlds...

The AU's version of W.D. Gaster would eventually discover that The Curse was experimenting with ways to cause Genocide. With that in mind, he came up with an idea that would not defeat The Curse but at least let the poor SOULS of their AU have a few moment where they were NOT repeatedly butchered by the zealous entity;

One day, Gaster confronted The Curse as IT was once again playing through a Genocide run. As per their usual way of interaction, the two would FIGHT whilst hurling taunts & insults at the other. But this time, Gaster would begin to elude to the idea that there might be other worlds out there, other versions of reality that were untouched by The Curse. IT made no remark on this & slew Gaster... but the seeds had been planted in IT's mind. The Curse would begin to consider the idea; A near endless supply of worlds to destroy over & over again? This was too tempting for The Curse to resist.

The Curse would begin to reach out from IT's universe, tapping into nearby AU's from the safety within the CODE. Like IT had done countless times before, The Curse wrought death & destruction upon the worlds. The Curse would occasionally face opponents that were far more stronger, but IT was not perturbed. This was exactly what IT wanted, after all...

Nowadays, The Curse can often be found tormenting the visitors of the Omega Timeline with IT's sudden ambushes & wanton killing-sprees.


The Curse is a very fanatical character who's whole identity centers around IT's programming. The Curse has no qualms about what IT does, having no feelings of regret or remorse despite the countless atrocities IT has commited over the years. In fact, The Curse has been shown to take great offence when offered a chance to redeem ITself, taking it as an insult to IT's very existance.

The Curse has been known to shown many sadistic traits, such as enjoying the emotional pain brought to IT's victims & their loved ones. IT however refrains from torture, seeing it as a tasteless practice as the victim has to be kept alive for a substantial amount of time.

The Curse possess some limited understanding about warrior's honor... though IT's version of the concept which IT abides is truly warped. The Curse shows some limited leniency towards combatants that favor melee whilst fighting more ruthlessly & even dirty with those who specializes in ranged, stealth or magic. Those whom use healing magic or ITEM's are utterly despised by The Curse and are shown no mercy.

The Curse is also known to have a philosophical & religious side. The Curse have come under the delusion that what IT does is for a grand, sacred purpose. That what IT does is not wrong as it's the ultimate of all things to die. IT is the habringer of the one, absolute truth in the universe. IT dubbed this theology: "The Cycle Eternal". 


The Curse has no real physical body & as such has no real form to call IT's own.

If someone were to peer into the CODE & see The Curse, IT might appear as a writhing mass of binary CODE or as a glitching humaniod figure made out of CODE strings, similar to those used by Error Sans.

Whilst possessing someone, notible features include a white glow behind their eyes, audible cracking & snapping sounds being made by the simplest of movements, glitching, unnaturally fast & rapid twitching & an echoing, drawn-out voice.

The Curse would eventually create a entirely new NPC by clobbering together vast amounts of CODE that IT would later call an "Incarnation". While this shell certainly possessed greater strength than most Monsters & did give them a face to place on The Curse, this is nothing more than a tool & is thus not IT's real appearance.

Powers & Abilities.

The Curse has developed several abilities & techniques throughout IT's existance, some of which it brings to bear against the multiverse & it's protectors;


The Curse is not a creature of flesh & blood, but a entity made solely of CODE. As such, IT has no real physical presence in the Undertale multiverse. However, The Curse can still interact with the world in certain ways & IT's presence can be felt by certain individuals to some degree. The Curse can see many things & cpmplete a multitude of tasks simultaneously, but only within the limits IT has put on ITself.

CODE Hacking

The Curse is a anomaly within the CODE & thus can directly influence it. The Curse originally could only use this advantage for possession or illusions, but as IT grew more powerful this ability developed to include more varied effects:

  • Possession: The Curse can assume direct control of an NPC's body.
  • Telumkinesis: The Curse can create weaponry for IT's hosts to wield.
  • Illusion: The Curse can create hallucinations by influencing an NPC's five senses.
  • Brand: The Curse can brand an NPC. A portion of all EXP gained by this NPC is transferred to the Curse.
  • AU Overide: The Curse can corrupt an AU during a True RESET, assimilating it into the Cursed Realms.


The Curse has shown a great deal of aptitude with the usage of DETERMINATION. Originally this could only be used to SAVE, LOAD & RESET but later advanced further & The Curse even developed new abilities:

  • Amalgamation: The Curse can turn one or several possessed NPC's into Amalgamates.
  • DT Blast: The Curse can make IT's host retch DETERMINATION in the form of a highly destructive beam attack.
  • Self-destruct: The Curse can overload IT's host with DETERMINATION, resulting in a massive explosion.
  • Imbue Weapons: The Curse can channel DETERMINATION into IT's weapons, greatly increasing their ATK.


The Curse undoubtfully has a large set of powers at IT's disposal... but all of these powers can easily be thwarted depending on the situation.

If The Curse cannot find a host or the hosts have a mind strong enough to resist IT's attempts of possession & sense manipulation, there is very little The Curse can do at all. IT can always be pushed out of the body or prevented entry by powerful spells or a DETERMINED mind.

And even when IT possesses someone, their DEFENSE drops drastically. This is very bad coppled with the fact that The Curse is extremely reckless & would rather attack than to defend ITself, even when it may result in IT's defeat. The Curse may try to negate this weakness by possessing a Amalgamate, but it has turned out that while the body's semi-fluid physiology does increase the DEFENSE, The Curse's connection can easily be broken by outside forces when in possession of an Amalgamate.



The Curse loves strong opponents, but it loves determined opponents all the more. Which is why IT has great affections towards Undyne. As one of the few powerful Boss-Monsters who doesn't remember the events of past RESETS, The Curse knows IT can always find a good challenge when facing her. Unfortunately, the good feelings IT has for her are beyond The Curse's limited understanding of emotion & has therefore warped from simple love into a perverse obsession.

Error Sans

A common misinterpretation many do when speaking of The Curse's goal is that IT seeks the multiverse's destruction. This however is far from the case. In non-existance, there can be no further Genocide. No RESET's. Thus the permanent deletion of AU's is something The Curse abhor & puts IT in direct opposition to Error Sans' goal.


  • The Curse was created to be a troll-alias to fight off Godmodders who ruined the roleplays for people on "Pretend You're Xyzzy", but later took on a whole new role as an actual villain within those very roleplays.
  • Originally, The Curse was supposed to be an Error Amalgamate created from the collective resentments of the many versions of Sans. This idea was scrapped as it wouldn't explain The Curse's powers.
  • The Curse's favorite dish is labskaus.
  • The Curse's favorite plant is cactus.

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