The Creative Realm is a realm outside the timeline where creators/protectors reside.

The Main Realm


The Creative Realm is a realm outside the timeline where creators or AU protectors reside. So far the main people residing in The Creative Realm are Ink, Dream, Create and Tekton, but some other AUs may/may not know of it's existence and/or whereabouts.


*NOTE: The description of The Creative Realm's design was based on the description written on Ink!Sans' page. Please fix if inaccurate.*

The Creative realm is a large, colorful garden within a dimension in the multiverse. The garden itself is filled with trees, bushes and flowers of many colors. The garden also houses doors leading to the AUs in the multiverse, each door representing an AU. Each of these doors can also access other timelines, but not much know how to. If someone rotates the upper left heart on a door 90 degrees left, the upper right heart 90 degrees right and the lower right heart 180 degrees. A dial appear, labeled FUN. Below it will be a number. This will allow you to access the timelines of that AU, including 900 extra timelines inaccessible by resets or any other means one can use to access timelines. there are also secret entrances hidden throughout The Creative realm. These entrances lead to sub-realms/pocket dimensions where other creators may hide.


Main inhabitants



Sub-realms are hidden pocket dimensions hidden within The Creative Realm where other AU creators / protectors may or may not reside. Most people don't know these realms exist, unless told by people who do know.


The Picasso Pad

The Picasso Pad is a sub-realm inhabited by the main characters of CNAS-Tale. The realm itself is a large corridor with pale walls covered in abstract paintings. There are also 2 small rooms each side, one room with a couch, TV and computer for recreational or work purposes, while the other is the bedroom for CNAS and his friends. However there is an unknown entrance to the other half of The Picasso Pad, which is called The Window Void. This is currently where TheUnderTaleFan355 resides. The other half is a void with windows that zoom in on AUs to look through.

~More info on The Window Void here~

Main Inhabitants
Frequent Visitors

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