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The CNAS-Tale Crew is the team of main characters in CNAS-Tale, who spend their time protecting the AUs, and creating AUs of their own.

Main Members

Crazy Nude Artist Sans - The leader of the the crew, a crazy skeleton with no clothes. Despite being crazy, is very creative and likes all the AUs, doing anything to protect them. He also likes memes, lots and lots of memes.
Crazy Nude Artist Sans

 - The pyrokinetic, pessimistic founder of the CNAS-Tale crew. A human who due to crazy, implausible circumstances, was stranded out of the timeline and became an out-code AU creator + guardian. Even with his seemingly emotionless demeanor, he has well intentions.

Actual TNF
Century Gothic

 - One of the first two members to join, a kind introvert with a past shrouded in mystery and powerful chronokinetic powers. A kind, respectful skeleton who often keeps to himself, but is still social, and will help any AU any way he can.

Century Gothic
Sans.T ~WIP~
Sans.T (Fixed)
Times New Roman ~WIP~
Times New Roman
Impact ~WIP~
TheUnderTaleFan355 -The katana wielding,electrokinesis weirdo of the group.At least by his standards.His past (even though it was written down by him)is very mysterious and nobody knows it.His intentions are unknown besides that he is an AU protector.His attitude suggests abuse and experimenting.There is something in him....
Corly ~WIP~
CNAS-Tale Corly
Rlopkid23 ~WIP~
Rlopkid (CNAS-Tale)
Faxsgore ~WIP~
Oheo4 (CNAS-Tale Version) ~WIP~ N/A

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